Science, health and environment for Secondary Education

"Ambientech is such a big discover!

There are many animation in order to understand the key concepts for the subject...

... Furthermore, it is a combination between many activities to practices and consolidate.
The students learn alone and in your rhythm.
If they have doubts, they solve them between themselves in class...

... Really worth testing!"

Neus Peris, teacher
IES Montserrat, Barcelona

"They helped me a lot to study. The contents are very dynamic and the animations make studying easier."

Laia (15 years)

"Several studies have shown that ambientech increases learning and the motivation in science about 40%."

"Above 1000 schools and 300 libraries support our educational program."

"Many public and private institutions collaborate with the Ambientech program in order to promote new education content."

"It has many animations that represent the information very well. It's Fun. I like It.
Easy understanding."
Elena (14 years)

"It's very good to be able to learn in my rhythm and to be able to spend the time that I want there, without going too fast or having to wait."
Pedro (14 years)

Algunas instituciones que recomiendan el programa ambientech